Where transformation consultants can launch or grow their own thriving business with proven strategies.

Knowing about business transformation is one thing, but being a successful independent consultant at it is quite another!
There are too many hard working transformation experts struggling from lack of clients and income that prove this point.

All most are missing is a framework and a 360° action-plan to generate a continuous stream of high paying clients.
It's Easier Than Ever To Win Clients
In our digital world it's now easier than ever to generate new clients. And while the best independent transformation consultants do it with ease, more than 95% are still limited to winning business in the same old ways that became commonplace during the last century.

Ironically, the business development approaches that many transformation consultants use are akin to old business models that are becoming increasingly less effective.

While many consultants spend endless hours on social media, what most don't realise is that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's only the "before the click" activity they're focused on, which doesn't generate clients.

If you have an open mind, you can learn how to complement your transformation expertise with modern approaches that will enable you to run a successful transformation consulting business.
Does This Sound Familiar?
1. You're a high-calibre expert with a great deal of transformation knowledge and experience, but you don't know where to start in terms of leveraging digital to generate an ongoing pipeline of new clients.

2. You've spent countless hours using LinkedIn, Twitter, Etc. building relationships, which hasn't translated into a regular flow of paying clients.

3. You're getting almost all your work through agencies that take a huge proportion of your day-rate, and are left with less than $1,000 / day.

4. You're forced to accept low paid operational work (i.e. you're a glorified temp) instead of getting paid to provide valuable consulting advice.
Why This Program Is For You
You probably do what you do because you're very good at it. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you're also very good at using digital to generate an ongoing pipeline of leads and clients customers for your business.

It's not only big companies that are at risk of becoming obsolete in the digital economy. Independent consultants face exactly the same risk.

Regardless of what you're offering, if you don’t use proven processes and digital tools to generate a consistent flow of leads and clients, you’ll struggle as an independent consultant. Some hard-working people are even forced to go back to the traditional life of employment they wanted to escape.

Only those that are prepared to shift their mindset (like CEOs of transformational companies) and learn to adopt new digital tools and processes will survive and thrive in the digital economy as independent consultants.

You know how to share transformation expertise and wisdom. Now it's time for you to learn how to get new clients using digital.