HOW To WIN MORE CONSULTANCY CLIENTS IN 2022 and generate new sources of Digital REvenue for your business.

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A modern approach to accelerating your client acquisition process using digital without using sleazy old tactics!
Do You Want More Consulting Clients?
Anyone can consume your content and commentary on social media or your web site, and that's often how strangers first get to know about you and what you do.

Because business transactions rarely happen on social media, you need a way move your engagement off social media (or your web site) to nurture your relationships with potential clients in a more intimate one-to-one way. You also need to do this with enough of the right people. 

This is an important step between your social media and introductory phone calls or meetings, and one which over 90% of self-employed consultants struggle to get right.

There are many ways you can take prospective clients on a journey from social media to becoming high-ticket clients. In this free video lesson, I’m going to show you one way that has enabled me to win many six-figure consulting assignments and generate significant digital revenue.

Basically, when people want to work with you, the closer they want to be, the more they need to pay you, because you only have so much time available. This means that as they benefit from getting value from you, you enjoy more revenue from them. These are the basic laws of supply and demand.

In this video lesson, you'll learn how to acquire high-ticket consultancy clients without trying to persuade anyone that they should work with you. In fact, using the technique you'll learn, the tables are turned, which means people need to apply to work with you and persuade you why you should take them on as a client.

This completely changes the dynamics of the old fashioned way that many consultants still try to win clients with pushy and uncomfortable sales-like tactics. It’s a more pleasant and professional way for you and your clients to operate.


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